Reading Stonewall’s excellent guide, “Straight Allies - how they help create gay-friendly workplaces” has got me thinking about the diversity work which we’re undertaking at Capsticks. Law firms can be seen as stuffy and old-fashioned places where we’re too busy getting on with work for our clients, to think about, or “be” ourselves. 

At Capsticks our clients do, of course, always take priority - but in delivering our work we’re always ourselves and have the natural right to be so. We’re really fortunate that our clients themselves have a great values culture when it comes to equality and diversity. So they fully expect us to reflect those values ourselves in how we are at Capsticks. And when it comes to our LGBT colleagues at Capsticks, I want to ensure that all their straight colleagues are vocal in their support - starting with our Senior Management Team and all our team leaders. 

Stonewall’s “Peak Performance” report for example found that LGBT employees who felt they could be more open about their sexuality at work were more likely to enjoy going to work, and felt they could be more honest about themselves with their colleagues. I’m really looking forward to ensuring that that’s what we achieve.