This International Women’s Day, I have been at a drinks event at the CIH Conference in Brighton organised by Women in Social Housing.

I was impressed as women from all areas of the Housing supply chain attended - from Housing Professionals to Employer’s Agents, Architects, Construction experts, and several lawyers from Capsticks. I am fortunate enough to work in an industry that has already made great strides forward in terms of diversity and that was evident in the room today.

So, is the job now finished? Unfortunately there is still work to be done. Talk today was about how women make up 47% of the workforce in housing associations, but only 27% of housing providers are led by women - statistics that are echoed in many industries. We also discussed the barriers to re-entering the workforce after a career break to raise children: An area where education of employers and empowerment of women is needed. The world is changing, and we are a vital part of its evolution and in changing the perception of women.

So, still a lot of ground to cover. But as I head home to collect my 6 year old daughter from “Victorian Day” at school, I can’t help but marvel at how far we have come.