One of the reasons I chose to work at Capsticks was because of their sensible approach to working hours. London firms are full of lawyers putting in face time; working long hours in the office ensuring that they are seen amongst their peers to be working hard. 

At times work deadlines demand a late night or an early start. However, the culture at Capsticks is such that employees are encouraged to work efficiently when they are in the office and then to leave on time and go home to their families. We're also encouraged to spend our lunchtimes adding value to local community groups such as helping at the local Guild to provide tech advice. In addition, there are running groups in all of the Capsticks offices who train at lunch times as well as sports teams who train and compete after work.

It's refreshing and inspiring to work for a firm which encourages extra curricular activities. There is no office culture where people feel obliged or pressured to work long hours. The stats below from Aviva of families only spending 36 minutes together each day are worrying. Work is an important part of our lives but there is more to life than work and it's brilliant to work for a company that recognise that.