GP consultations by telephone have been available for a number of years and consultations via Skype and WhatsApp have already begun. The latest news of an App to ease the paperwork burden on doctors is the latest technological advance which helps both patients and doctors alike. 

Two junior NHS doctors have teamed up with a mobile entrepreneur in an attempt to revolutionise the NHS. Their hope is that an easier more streamlined platform for delivering communications and messaging team members will help to prioritise tasks and manage workloads, the effect of this will mean more time for doctors to spend with patients. Founders Lydia Yarlott and Barney Gilbert aim for their App, Forward, to provide doctors with an additional hour per day.

Consultations and communications via electronic communication are subject to the same requirements as in person and hand written communications. Clearly, a consultation over the telephone does not allow for examination and it is important to ensure that doctors have appropriate insurance to give medical advice via video conferencing platforms.