Pressure from the medical community rallying behind Dr Bawa-Garba, who was struck off following the GMC's appeal of the MPT decision to suspend her for 12 months, may have swayed the Court of Appeal.  Permission for a second appeal was granted on 28 March for Dr Bawa-Garba to appeal the judgment of the Divisional Court on 25 January 2018 to erase her from the medical register.

More than £360,000 has been raised to fund Dr Bawa-Garba's legal challenge of the ruling.

Dr Bawa-Garba had been found guilty of gross negligence manslaughter at a criminal trial in 2015, following the tragic death of Jack Adcock in 2011 who had Down's Syndrome and a heart condition, following undiagnosed sepsis leading to cardiac arrest.  A series of errors included signs of infection being missed and erroneously believing he was under a DNR order.

Both the Department of Health and the GMC have published their terms of reference reviewing how doctors are investigated for gross negligence manslaughter.