The link to respond to the NMC’s public consultation on their Fitness to Practise (“FtP”)strategy is here.

The NMC receives over 5,000 FtP referrals a year so an overhaul of the system that deals with these cases is a pretty big deal.

The consultation paper is easy to digest and very accessible for us all - so get involved and have your say.

I am supportive of the proposals which seem to be a detailed, informed attempt to tackle some key issues associated with FtP processes. For me, the 40 page consultation document boils down to proposals that:

* encourage more engagement with employers;

* encourage early attempts to remediate practice;

* could make the ftp process less adversarial and lengthy (and therefore less stressful for everyone);

* include practical ways to make sure the concerns are responded to in a proportionate manner;

* maintain focus on enhancing patient safety;

* aim to encourage openness and learning.