Who are Nursing Associates?

A gap in care provision was identified between the role of healthcare assistants and registered nurses. This gap is going to be filled with the introduction of nursing associates, who will be regulated by the NMC. There are currently about 2,000 people in training for this new role.

What is this consultation about and haven't there already been consultations about this?

The NMC's consultation on the regulation of Nursing Associates opened on 9 April 2018. It will close on 2 July 2018

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Having just completed my response - two things spring to mind as being worth a mention:

1. There are 7 sections and you can pick and choose which sections you wish to answer questions about. They are (a) Standards of proficiency (b) The Code (c) Education and training (d) Standards for Preregistration (e) Joining the register (f) Revalidation (g) Fitness to practise.

2. The consultation doesn't cover old ground from the previous 3 separate consultations about the introduction of this new role. Those earlier consultations related to (a) the proposal to introduce this new role (b) changes to the NMC's legislation to provide for this new role and (c) registration fees.