I was interested to read in PULSE today that the chief executive of Wessex LMC, Dr Nigel Watson, has been appointed chair of the independent review of the GP partnership model to consider how this needs to evolve in the modern NHS.

Jeremy Hunt first announced in Parliament, in February, that the Department of Health & Social Care was in talks with the BMA and RCGP over a review of the GP partnership model. 

Unsurprisingly, there is little detail as to what the review will cover. NHS England chief executive, Simon Stevens, has said, "So in the year the NHS turns 70, this review will help shape new options for future generations of family doctors". 

A Pulse survey of 420 GPs found that half of those who currently have partnership roles would consider giving them up to go salaried.

Let's hope that the new model will encourage GPs into the profession, and offer flexibility and sustainability to secure the future of general practice.