The case is a tragic one for all concerned. It arises out of the devastating loss of a son for the Adcock family, and it has resulted in a gruelling six year legal ordeal, both criminal and regulatory, for Dr Bawa-Garba, which has had wider implications for the medical community as a whole.

The response to yesterday’s CoA decision has been significant. The family are devastated and have indicated an intention to appeal. Many doctors responding to yesterday’s Judgment have extended sympathy to the Adcock family for their tragic loss. The medical community are emphasising that they want to be engaged with an honest discussion about engendering a culture of ‘learn not blame’ and patient safety, in the face of human error in a pressurised and overstretched NHS.

The CoA acknowledged that in June 2018 the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care announced his support for the recommendation of the Williams’ review into GNM, which is that the GMC should lose its right under s40A of the MA 1983 to appeal a MPTS decision. The CoA confirmed that this had not affected this appeal.