There are around 10 million patients in the UK with long term neurology conditions and only around 600 Neurologists.  A neurology hotline for GPs, run by the Walton Centre in Liverpool,  has spared patients unnecessary worry and travel time, while saving £100,000 to be reinvested back into the NHS.

GPs in the Cheshire and Merseyside area can call neurology consultants for fast advice any weekday reducing extra patient appointments. 37% of the 181 calls to the hotline in 2017/2018 were resolved by the GP, which equates to a saving of £100,000 per year.  

Rolling this out across the country and to other specialties is a key part of the long term plan for the NHS that is being drawn up over the coming months.

Across England, 44 STPs are planning collectively how to improve healthcare by primary and secondary care working together better.