Next week sees our celebration of International Women’s Day and the launch of our celebrations for Capsticks’ 40th anniversary where we are working on leaving a legacy for the future.

Today also marks 5 years since I joined Capsticks in Leeds as an Employment partner in 2014. I thought it was worth reflecting on what I have learnt and gained from joining. Throughout my time here I have always said I wished I had joined earlier.

 It’s been a brilliant experience, I’ve been allowed to try things and not be constrained by the usual law firm structures. Capsticks is very much a place where different styles can flourish regardless of their background and we try to play to people’s strengths.

I am very privileged to do this job and be supported by the best team around. One with values, morals and kindness as well as being brilliant lawyers who really care about their clients and their services which are usually placed under immense pressure and see people facing huge personal challenges. 

I was struck the other day by feedback from one of our clients how one of our lawyers had gone the extra mile to ensure that someone on the other side who was clearly suffering from mental health issues was treated with kindness and respect. A proud moment.

The work we have done in the last two years on having fun and supporting our teams seems to have struck the right note especially around our mental health. We don’t always get it right but we try our best and learn along the way.

I’m been having a particularly tough time personally at the moment and have been incredibly supported by my colleagues and clients - you all know who you are. I decided to be brave and open and the feedback I’ve had is that its helped loads of people, I’m determined something positive will come about and it’s ok not to be ok.

We are very lucky at Capsticks to work with some incredible talent but we’ve also got a heart and proper values. I will always remember how colleagues had my back when I needed it. The words ‘take your time’ and ‘ we want you back when you’re ready’ meant so much and took the pressure off. 

The feedback we get is that it’s not like this at other firms and everyone should be very proud of their part in creating that over the last 40 years and building a Capsticks for the future.