As part of the NHS’s long term plan published in January this year, the aim of triple integration was set out between:

  • health and care
  • primary and secondary care
  • mental and physical care.

The report, ‘The Changing Face of Clinical Commissioning’, highlights the pivotal role of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in this plan and how they are expected to develop over the next 10 years.  Of particular note is an explicit undertaking to link the commissioning of services to ‘place’.  This is in the context of a number of the 191 CCGs in England merging or working collaboratively.

With responsibility for around two thirds of the NHS budget, the role of clinical commissioners and the leadership role they play is under intense scrutiny. This report calls for an ongoing distinction to be preserved between the purchase of services and delivery.  It also highlights the increasingly strategic role of CCGs with the report showcasing the effect of nine CCGs driving innovation in their areas to significantly improve outcomes for local communities.

The emphasis on ‘place’ is replicated in the housing sector and this report is informative for the discussions focused on collaborative working between health and housing.

(photograph: @samuelzeller)