A new report by legal services provider Obelisk sets out some fascinating realities and proposals for the future of law firms. 

The report sets out that the millennial generation (those born between, broadly the early 80s and the mid 90s) have become the largest demographic in the legal workforce. Law firms are having to adapt to this generation's working dynamics, or fail. 

The report highlights four pillars of change that law firms have to address to keep up: 

1. ensuring there are flexible working spaces; 

2. investing in the "lawyer-preneur" skills of their workforce; 

3. embracing technology that aligns with millennial sensibilities and 

4. Addressing equality, engagement and, in particular, wellbeing.

Capsticks are making positive improvements in all these areas and it will be the law firms with the best approach to these issues that are likely to dominate the future. The report is well worth a read - see the link below.