Theresa May's speech at the Housing 2019 conference confirmed that the action plan and implementation timescales for the Green Paper will be released in September.  Stressing that it will offer practical solutions, Mrs May confirmed that we can expect:

a) stronger regulation of tenant standards;

b) a complaints process for tenants; 

c) requirements for landlords to show how they are engaging with tenants; and

d) proposals to encourage delivery of good quality homes.

No surprises here, or in the focus on re-balancing the relationship between landlords and tenants.  We can expect the see a consultation on the ending of "no fault" evictions, and the repeal of s21, shortly - with legislation following before the end of this year.

There was, however, an overt recognition that home ownership is not achievable, or desirable, for everyone and that more needs to be done for those 18 million who live in rented accommodation.  More support can be expected for the development of new, high quality, homes intended for the rental sector - particularly affordable rents.

So, Mrs May has spelt out the direction of travel.  The real question, however, is which route her successor will take.