An interesting article in Inside House yesterday revealed that there was a spike in RPs referring themselves to the Regulator over health and safety concerns in the aftermath of the Grenfell fire.

It appears that several of the referrals related to the particular cladding used on high-rise buildings, with some RPs asking whether the cladding used on their buildings put them in breach of regulatory standards. 

The Regulator has commented that it is for RPs to decide whether their residents are safe, and they are complying with regulatory standards - it is not for the Regulator to approve particular types of cladding, for example. From the work that we carry out with housing associations, we know that much of this is around having the right checks and balances in place where health and safety roles/checks have been outsourced, to ensure that residents are safe in their homes.  

Keeping the Regulator informed is vital, but the primary responsibility is to proactively understand the health and safety risks within properties and put in place adequate protection - and checks of that protection - to ensure the safety of residents.   

We are working with a number of RPs around health and safety improvements to their buildings, such as fire doors and sprinklers, so get in touch if you would like any help or advice.