It was a great day at the NHF's London Development Conference earlier this week.  Some of the key messages delivered by speakers were:

1. Whilst private sales have flatlined in London, private rents are expected to increase as supply is not meeting demand.

2. Without support from the Government, RPs are unlikely to keep building through an economic downturn in the way they have done in the past.  Helen Evans from Network Homes argues that we need grant levels to rise from 20% to 48-49%, and stability around housing benefit levels, to allow RPs to be counter-cyclical.  

3. Modern methods of construction are key to future development, but they must be done at scale to be efficient.  

4. Clarity around new fire safety regulation is needed quickly so that improvements can be made and so that organisations can budget for this.  

5. Access to public sector land must improve, and be based on more than just best price.

6. Carbon neutral homes targets means that stock should be carefully assessed and, in some cases, redevelopment (rather than refurbishment or adding new technologies) will be more appropriate.

Get in touch if you have any questions on the above, or in relation to housing development more generally.